Breast Lift Women Over 50 – Is It Really Possible?


Many women over 50 want to regain the figure they used to flaunt and enjoy their womanhood. By this time, gravity may have taken its toll on you, and you may be wondering whether a breast lift is possible for women over 50. The good news is that being over 50 should not stop you from turning to surgery to improve the way you look. In fact, you’ve probably been through a lot, and this may just be the best time to focus a little more on yourself.

Are You In Good Health?

The main factor for anyone seeking a breast lift, regardless of her age, is good health. If your immune system is functioning properly and you have no serious medical condition, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get your breasts looking as perky as they did in your 20s. However, you will need to go over your medical history and medications with a plastic surgeon with significant experience working with women your age before you commit yourself to surgery.


Goals Of Surgery

A breast lift is meant to elevate and reshape breasts, which, due to pregnancy, nursing, aging and the natural force of gravity, have become sagged. You could also have the size of the darker skin around the nipple reduced during the procedure. During a typical procedure, the breast tissue is lifted while excess skin and tissue is removed.

A typical breast lift involves making an incision that circles your areola and extends downward to the crease beneath your breast. The incision outlines the area of skin and breast tissue to be removed, in addition to outlining the new position for the nipple. Excess skin, tissue and fat are removed, and the nipple is moved to its new position. The surgeon will then remove skin from both sides of your breast to shape the new contour of the breast.

Combined ProcedureBreast-Lift-Women-Over-50

In some cases, a breast lift may be combined with another breast enhancement procedure depending on the results you want. For instance, if the volume of your breasts has decreased, you could get an implant to enhance and replace the lost volume, although this is typically referred to as breast augmentation. On the other hand, you could get a breast reduction if you feel that your breasts are too large and they cause you to experience back, shoulder and neck pain. The procedure will result in smaller, lighter and firmer breasts.


It is worth noting that while the results of a breast lift or combined procedure will be impressive, the changes made are temporary. The effects of gravity and ongoing aging will continue, possibly causing the breasts to sag over time.

Age is not as important as overall health when it comes to women over 50 opting for a breast lift or other elective cosmetic surgery. However, ensure that you consult a licensed and experienced plastic surgeon, and as mentioned before, preferably one with adequate experience working with women your age. Discuss your goals with your surgeon, who will be in the best position to determine whether you are a good candidate for plastic surgery and advice you on the best course of action.